About Us

BSF is a leading steel fabricator company that operates in the Middle East and Africa.
Headquartered in Alexandria, the company was established in 2005, and embarked immediately on projects and businesses in diverse fields.
Our highly customizable solutions and services empower customers in Egypt to perfectly address their diverse needs in areas, such as plate works and steel structures.
Our success relies on our human resources, the professionalism of our well exposed engineers, the technical experience of ours, and our accurate quality initiatives.
In addition, working in parallel with our customers, we support their continued growth and improved profitability.
This in turn strengthens the value of our business model, while ensuring exponential growth for BSF.

Our Vision

To be regionally acknowledged as the best steel fabricators, founded on professional commitment, high quality, value, and integrity.

Our Mission

To earn the respect of our customers, achieve industry-wide recognition, and to play a leading role in developing the economy of Egypt, create jobs opportunities, for the prosperity of Egyptian people through its diversified business.